Our waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

We back all products and installation with a 10-year product warranty and 1-year installation warranty.

About The Waterproofing Company

We are Schluter Systems largest independent contractors in Canada.

Serving over 180 contractors in Alberta, we have installed and waterproofed over 2,500 showers with no leaks!

The Waterproofing Company has made a successful business of renovating projects that failed simply because they were not protected with a waterproof or uncoupling membrane. One way the industry addressed this problem was by avoiding the use of tile and stone altogether, resulting in the resurgence of vinyl tub and shower inserts. At The Waterproofing Company, we successfully addressed this challenge and solved the problems consumers, installers and contractors have with current tile and stone installations.

Through the years of installation experience, research and testing, The Waterproofing Company has become one of the industry's leading authorities. We supply and install the best waterproofing an uncoupling membranes available - Schluter Kerdi Mat. We supply and install new and innovative drain systems, which create a watertight seal - Schluter Kerdi Drain. We completely eliminate the troublesome and expensive mortar setting bed by replacing it with a custom fit, pre-sloped polystyrene pan that ensures proper tile installation and abolishes substrate failure.

With this proven system, tile setters no longer have to spend time working with unfamiliar products or constructing time consuming mortar beds. The contractors can be assured that the tile assembly is constructed properly and warranted against failures; the consumer can be confident that their valuable investment will last a lifetime.


Our waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

Professional installation | Custom pans, shelves & benches | 1-year installation warranty | 10-year product warranty


White Matter ® changes everything...

Shelves | Benches | Loungers | Corner Mouldings | Ceilings | Custom Pans

Thousands of Jobs, No Leaks

To date, we have installed over 2,500 White Matter custom shower pans with no leaks!

Inspiring Innovation


The Waterproofing Company's shower solutions allow us to spread our wings and create really cool, innovative showers for our clients. It's nice to know that we can make dream bathrooms and showers a waterproofed-reality!

Brent K, AVG Homes Calgary, AB

Customer Feedback

Thank you for the peace of mind in having our home showers completely waterproofed! Fixing mold damage is costly... I'm glad we made the right call.