Our waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

We back all products and installation with a 10-year product warranty and 1-year installation warranty.

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It's easier than you think.

See below for examples on how to draw your polygon shower pans and pans with curves prior to sending them to The Waterproofing Company.

When your plans are ready and you've reviewed our checklist, contact us for a quote and/or to book an installation. We accept drawings by fax, email, SMS text message and in-person.

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Download the Schluter Shower System Installation Handbook 2014

Instructions for Drawing Polygon Shower Pans

  • Measurements and full diameter of shower pan measured from finished drywall.  Basically all around the outside
  • Do NOT include bench or curb in your measurements
  • Drain location is measured from at least 2 walls (at a 90 degree angle from each other)
  • From finished drywall to center of drain pipe
  • Mark all angles, including 45 degree angles
  • Measurements need only to be to the 1/4" (note that the pan does not need to fit "tight")
  • The drawing does NOT have to be to scale

Instructions for Drawing Curved Shower Pans


Our waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

Professional installation | Custom pans, shelves & benches | 1-year installation warranty | 10-year product warranty


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To date, we have installed over 2,500 White Matter custom shower pans with no leaks!

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The Waterproofing Company's shower solutions allow us to spread our wings and create really cool, innovative showers for our clients. It's nice to know that we can make dream bathrooms and showers a waterproofed-reality!

Brent K, AVG Homes Calgary, AB

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Thank you for the peace of mind in having our home showers completely waterproofed! Fixing mold damage is costly... I'm glad we made the right call.