Our waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

We back all products and installation with a 10-year product warranty and 1-year installation warranty.


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Below is a Schluter Shower System installation diagram to use as reference.

  • We can install right over regular 1/2" drywall – even in a steam shower! Schluter Kerdi mat is a positive side waterproofing membrane applied with thinset mortar, which means that any moisture will not penetrate into the substrate, regardless of what you use.
  • We cannot have any exposed structural material – eg: 2x4, 2x6, etc – as mortar will not bond to it. So any door or window bucks, alcoves, benches, curbs, must be drywalled.
  • We must have corner bead installed on any outside corners as mortar will not stick to exposed edges of drywall.
  • It must be taped and sanded to give us a clean smooth surface – 2 coats is usually sufficient.
  • We recommend using our EPS benches and curbs as EPS is inert and does not react to heat, however benches and curbs can be built out of plywood, no OSB, as long as it is structural sound. Curbs are to be lined inside, top, and outside of curb.


  • We can install right over 5/8" OSB subfloor or concrete – as long as it is flat, smooth, clean and level.


  • We need a 5" hole, or cavity, cut in the subfloor, centered on the 2" drain pipe.
  • We need the top of the 2" drain pipe, 2" below the top of the subfloor. The Kerdi drain is a basic ABS fitting which we glue onto the drain pipe. So we need an inch of pipe to glue onto. Please refer to illustration.
  • Please have your plumber secure the pipe, as we install from above, pushing down onto the pipe.
  • The drain can be in any location, as long as the Kerdi drain can fit. It has a 12" diam flange so it cannot be right next to a wall. We recommend at least 12" from centre to a wall
  • The substrate must be even, clean and sufficiently load bearing, and it must be prepared according to recognized Industry Standards and Norms [Referred: American National Standard Specification for the Installation for Ceramic Tile (ANSI A108, A118 & A118.1) Tile, Terrazzo, and Marble Associations of Canada (TTMAC) 09300 Tile Installation Manual].
  • Does not expand or contract with normal humidity or temperature changes
  • Presloped on the top surface to shed any moisture onto the floor
  • Special order sizes and shapes are available


Our waterproofing solutions are guaranteed to last.

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